Beach House Decorating Tips

Avoid setting a theme for the entire house. A beach house with seashells and fish everywhere has been done over and over again. Displaying sea life is okay but keep it to a minimum to avoid covering the home in tacky décor. You can, however, give your home a style – but avoid themes while coordinating décor. Colors can be used to accentuate your style and make the home cozy, and a few sea-themed items can be used.

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Go bold if you want a beach look. Use classic items as accessories in your home. This includes items like surfboards, boat wheels, and other items that add flair to the home. Represent your time on the sea and express your interests. Even beach house cargo lifts can be decorated to add flair while being functional.

Use colorful furniture around the home. Wicker is a classic beach look, but you can use synthetic wicker to create a look that adds color. Wicker patterns can even be painted onto surfaces to add drama to the room and create a beach vibe. Bright colors can be used on furniture if walls or flooring is sand-colored or brown.

Make your surroundings inspire you. When you walk into the home, you should be able to get a sense of the beach. This can be done by observing the beach beyond your beach house and mimicking the colors that relax you. The blues of the sea and the sky, the green of the grass, and gorgeous creams that give the home a cozy beach feel.

Your home does not have to be brown, tan, and white to have a beach feel. Seashells and other décor do not have to be the theme of the home, you can get the look you desire by adding your personality to the home and being bold.